Doctor, WHO says CORVID19 is now pandemic? WHO!

17,329 is the latest number to cause irrational panic attacks across the globe, scientists say

“No more toilet paper. I shit, you not” CORVID19 cause a shitload demand for TP

August 1 — December 1

Clowns are scary

IT Clown traced the Dow Jones after it dropped below the sewage line

October 1 — December 1

Student, passes CORVID19 test with merit, causes the closure of a college in Texas

Man, 34, dies after drinking disinfectant, tested negative to CORVID19

Asteroid scheduled to erase all humanity postponed due to COVID-19 – Scientists say

With an impact of over 9X the Hiroshima nuclear bomb, AS-129B was scheduled to erase humanity next week. The Asteroid official press release stated that AS-129B would not visit earth in the current tour due to CORVID-19 pandemic. The disappointed fans could expect to see it next in 59,000 years when the media will run out of headlines again.

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